Diesel firmly believes that naughty is nice, and to celebrate the season of special surprises and hard-earned rewards for good – and bad – behaviour, Diesel is showcasing their guiding beliefs in the spirit of freedom, individuality, self-expression, irreverence, and sex positivity by featuring authentic models from the sex industry, including famous porn stars and OnlyFans creators in the campaign, all acting out a range of cliché porn scenarios.

As envisioned by Diesel’s Creative Director, Glenn Martens, Art Direction by Chris Simmonds, and photographed by Reto Schmid, this camp campaign’s cast spans a diverse range of ages, genders, races, and ethnicities to challenge the stereotypes associated with the sex industry. There’s a plumber with a massive set of tools, a delivery man with an XXL package, a sexy mechanic ready to rotate your tyres, a bored and horny housewife, a gardener with a big hose, and, of course, a set of suburban swingers filming their own orgy.

Go to diesel.co.za to fill your XXXMas stockings this festive season.

See more about the XXXMas campaign cast here:

  • Peachy Boy, a former rugby player and self-professed foodie, joined OnlyFans in 2018. Since then, he has traveled to 29 countries and paid off his parents’ mortgage.
  • David James is a model and architectural and interior designer in the retail and residential sectors.
  • K is a Russian-born, London-based singer who was previously part of the Russian band Serebro.
  • Yanca M is a vegan, animal-lover and trans model who has worked for Diesel, Vogue, KNWLS and Ottolinger.
  • Babymorocco is an artist in London‘s electronic music scene.
  • Deto Black is a rapper and leading figure in the ALTÉ movement in Nigeria.
  • Rebecca Moore, an LGBTQ+ adult content creator known for Cock Destroyers
  • Slag Wars, is a law school graduate pursuing health, wellness and a mainstream business.