Philly soul maestro Will Brock reconnects with UK producer Sumsuch for ‘LoA (Land of America)’, a deep house cut featuring spoken-word vocals detailing a confusing, gaslit experience that’ll sound sadly all-too familiar to the Black community in the US of A and beyond.

Sumsuch – Will Brock

‘LoA’ is a dream-like Afro-inspired cut with a sugary sweet harmonic vocal hook, reflecting the seductive charm of the American Dream, so deftly laid bare by Will Brock‘s freestyle spoken word. Will and the team are delighted to welcome talented Australian producer Dave Leck to Colour and Pitch for the first time to remix ‘LoA’ (Release Date: December 15th, 2023). Having impressed us for some time with his melodic compositions and flawless sonics, Leck’s version lays out a warm and smooth soundscape with sparse and wide horizons, amping up the emotions and gently teasing the hook.

Dave Leck

Previously recording two albums for BBE Music as Mega Jawns, the transatlantic duo of Will Brock and Sumsuch have been musical partners and the best of friends for a decade now. ‘LoA’ is the latest track to be released from a series of studio sessions which took place in West Philly during May 2022, after the pair had been separated for a couple of years. Picking up right where they left off with deep music and even deeper conversations, this song shines a light on the constant, subtle gaslighting America seems to inflict on its most vulnerable citizens. Are you truly equal? Is this country your home? As a ‘minority’ in the USA, the answers to those questions seem to change almost daily.