With all eyes turned to Pretoria North next month for the first annual Hey Neighbour, the fest set to make history on the continent.

In less than a month, thousands of neighbours from far and wide will descend on the small Tshwane town. With final plans being made about outfit selections, road trip times and even last minute fitness plans, the fest is about to captivate not just those in attendance but across the interverse.

Check out THIRTEEN things you might not know about Hey Neighbour:

  1.  HEY NEIGHBOUR is the collaborative masterpiece of three powerhouse companies: Khoi Kreative, Glen21, and Lucky No8 Concepts.
  2. The festival’s journey began with meticulous planning in 2018.
  3. Ever wondered about the unique name HEY NEIGHBOUR? Well this festival aims to connect attendees through immersive experiences that recharge their souls and give them a chance to reconnect with themselves, humanity, and the world. It also encourages inclusivity, global connections through music and local flavor, and opportunities for up-and-coming artists to connect with new fans. In essence the festival’s focus is on connection, turning strangers into neighbours and generic products into beloved brands.
  4. HEY NEIGHBOUR is not just about groove; it’s also about giving back to the community. The festival is set to create jobs for approximately 3000 individuals and provide a platform for over 50 local vendors /suppliers.
  5. Inclusivity is a priority at HEY NEIGHBOUR. To ensure everyone can enjoy the festival, sign language interpreters will be present on site, promoting accessibility for all.
  6. Immersive Art Installations and Imported Aussie Domes: The festival transforms its grounds into an artistic wonderland with captivating art installations and imported Australian domes. These immersive experiences not only elevate the festival’s aesthetic but also support the local and global art scenes.
  7. Cutting-Edge Stage Structure: Hey Neighbour Festival will feature one of the biggest stage structures on the continent, measuring a staggering 150 meters in length and towering over 20 meters high. This colossal setup guarantees an unforgettable visual and audio experience for festival-goers.
  8. Pioneering Sustainable Practices: Hey Neighbour leads the way in eco-conscious event planning with Africa‘s first recyclable water system, partnering with MTD for sustainable hydration solutions. This innovative approach reduces the festival’s environmental footprint, setting a precedent for sustainability in the region.
  9. Inclusive and Diverse Lineup: The festival’s lineup includes over 100 performing artists across various genres and backgrounds. It’s a testament to Hey Neighbour‘s commitment to showcasing the rich diversity of African and global music culture.
  10. Community Empowerment: Hey Neighbour Festival actively engages with local communities and small businesses, promoting economic growth. By providing a platform for entrepreneurs, it contributes to the empowerment of South Africa‘s entrepreneurial spirit.
  11. Unique Netflix Partnership: Hey Neighbour‘s partnership with Netflix marks a global first, where the streaming giant takes its content and creativity outside the digital realm and into a live music festival. This groundbreaking collaboration is redefining how brands interact with audiences.
  12. Global FESTIVAL in Africa: Hey Neighbour Festival is more than just music; the festival is a global celebration of talent, culture, heritage and unity. It brings together people from across the African continent and abroad, fostering connections that extend beyond the festival grounds. With a footprint spanning over 100,000 square meters, Hey Neighbour Festival is the largest of its kind in Africa. It sets the stage for a truly global-scale event, firmly placing Africa on the map as a premier destination for world-class festivals.

These remarkable features position Hey Neighbour Festival as a trailblazer in the festival scene, offering an unparalleled experience that transcends music and sets new standards for events in Africa and beyond.

And with Black Friday looming, Hey Neighbour got you. Officially declared Neighbours Day, the day will be packed with crazy sales to ensure everyone is happy. This Friday from 6am-6pm, the fastest fingers first will cash in on some mouthwatering deals.

DATE             8-10 December 2023
VENUE          Legends Adventure Farm, Pretoria
TIMES           Gates open at noon, and close at midnight
TICKETS       Phase 3 Tickets available now! (Only for the 18 and above crew)

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