Back again with another catchy earworm, Magic Number returns with the 3rd single from their forthcoming album ‘Badly Written Songs’ due out February 9th 2024. ‘Better’ (Release Date: December 8th, 2023) features echoing jazzy-inspired drums sitting behind Sophia‘s vocals, accompanied with syncopated synths and horns. Another catchy chorus chants the notion behind this song, i.e. you “Could be better!” hoping that we can all put our devices down, and enjoy the people we love and the world around us before it’s too late.

Magic Number

‘Better’ has another wonderful animated video, this time the boy, girl and skeleton characters introduced in ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ go on a new adventure, comically drawing attention to how so many people are lost on their mobile devices and consequently miss out on the amazing world that’s all around us, depicted in the video as walking with loved ones, fairgrounds, the wonders of the world and a comical alien invasion.

Ross Hillard‘s engineering and bass playing can be experienced through his many collaborations with Louie Vega, Kerri Chandler and, of course, Atjazz. Vocalist Sophia Marshall can be heard elsewhere with the acclaimed The Havenots on Cooking Vinyl Records.