Reebok has announced that the much-anticipated Reebok x Dime collaboration will hit South Africa on 25 November 2023, bringing with it a wave of nostalgia and nonchalant flair.

Born out of Montreal‘s skate scene, Dime has been synonymous with fun and creativity since 2005. With its beginnings rooted in a group of skateboarders, the brand quickly gained momentum with its irreverent skateboarding videos. In 2015, the Dime Glory Challenge redefined skate events with its laid-back vibes and board, relatable appeal.

Mirroring this spirit, the Reebok x Dime collaboration celebrates the brands’ shared values, creative energy, and skateboarding roots. The collection features the Club C BULC and Club C Revenge, sneakers that redefine timeless style with a rebellious edge, designed for those who live life on their own terms. 

Every day is a chance to skate, create, and elevate. Wear your authenticity proudly and embrace the ride with Reebok x Dime. Drops on 25 November 2023 online at Reebok South South Africa or shop in-store at Canal Walk.