It is no secret that South Africa is full of talent. We have witnessed and celebrated a bevy of talented people in our history. While talent is everywhere, the opportunities are sometimes few and far between.

Not anymore! CEO and Chairperson of 33 and Me Talent Agency and Producer of The International Arts Talent Showcase is changing things up and giving local talent a platform to showcase and utilise their skills at a global level.

Last week, two South African models, Veronique van Rooyen and Kelvin te Baerts, graced the stage at World Fashion Week in Dubai. Here, they had the privilege of walking for esteemed designers like AMR Couture, Carmen Elegance, Raykan Jewelry, and EL Ange Couture, all within the opulent setting of The Palazzo Versace Hotel.

“These two rising stars are the embodiment of style and grace, and they deserve all the success in the world. This was a pivotal moment, a game-changer that marked a significant step forward for South African talent on the international fashion scene. The event featured models from around the world, including countries like Nigeria, China, Monaco, Colombia, South Africa and many more.

Elsubie says,

South Africa, though labeled a third-world country, is proving that it possesses first-world potential in the realm of fashion. Elsubie’s ethos is clear: to expose models and talent to the world, positioning them on global stages. And this is exactly what came to fruition at World Fashion Week.

The occasion was also an opener for both of the models, who came face-to-face with their international dreams. Their inspiring journeys remind us that talent knows no boundaries, and South African models are ready to make their mark on the global fashion stage. 

Kelvin te Baerts describes the experience as the realization of a long-cherished goal.

“Working with international models and collaborating with renowned designers within the luxurious confines of The Palazzo Versace Hotel was a dream come true.”

He says,

Grateful for the opportunity, Kelvin was quick to commend Elsubie for her unwavering work ethic, leadership, and invaluable guidance, which were instrumental in positioning both models on a platform as grand as this.

The trio recently returned home, yet Elsubie is already hard at work, gearing up to cast for some of the world’s most prestigious fashion weeks in London, Milan, New York, and Paris. Her commitment to opening doors for South African models to showcase their exceptional talent on a global scale remains unwavering.

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