ICFK (International Casting Fashion Kids) is thrilled to announce the commencement of entry submissions for the casting call event, offering an exciting opportunity for young South African talent to shine on the global stage. The casting is set to take place on Saturday, 18 November 2023, at the Monte La Vue Boutique Hotel in Fourways, with the promise of opening doors for participants to showcase their skills internationally in upcoming projects. It shows in Orlando, FL, USA, and Bogota, Colombia, scheduled for July and September 2024.

Artistic and casting Director, Mervin Marvey

ICFK is a beacon of inclusivity, mentorship, and creative exposure with international opportunities for young South Africans. They champion the cause of all children, irrespective of their unique qualities. There are no height restrictions, no weight requirements, and they welcome participants with physical or visual challenges. Your uniqueness is the very piece that completes the grand puzzle.

Entries here: http://www.icfkcasting.com

ICFK, aims is to revolutionize the entertainment, fashion, and arts industries for young South African talents. The organization believes in opening up international platforms for kid models to participate in fashion projects and shows, with upcoming opportunities in Orlando, FL, USA, and Bogota, Colombia, in July and September 2024.

Artistic and casting Director, Mervin Marvey

Artistic and casting Director, Mervin Marvey, an acclaimed entertainment coach, creative artist, and award-winning international performer, is dedicated to providing South African youth with the chance to shine on the global stage.

“I am extremely excited about ICFK casting and the amazing shift and change we are about to inject into the world of performance, creative arts, education, industry knowledge, and crossing borders internationally. We are looking for ALL kids, as they are. We want the kid models to COME AS THEY ARE!”

Marvey, expressed his enthusiasm, saying,

The event will feature industry professionals as guest speakers, judges, and ambassadors, including Miss South Africa 2023 finalists, Keaoleboga Nkashe and Lebohang Raputsoe, as well as leading South African designers.

Selected models will have the opportunity to learn new skills, engage with top industry professionals, and receive support and resources throughout their journey. They will gain exposure on an international platform and learn how to make a positive impact in society through outreach and charitable projects.

ICFK is committed to opening doors for young talent and firmly believes in giving children the opportunity to express their creativity and talents from a very young age.

Join us as ICFK embarks on this exciting journey to Colombia Fashion Kids and Orlando Fashion Kids in 2024.