In April this year, Wazi M Kunene emerged victorious at the prestigious Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards, claiming the highly coveted Savanna Newcomer Award. This recognition underscores the rising star’s exceptional comedic abilities and marks a significant milestone in her burgeoning comedy career.

As entries for this particular category closes on Thursday 9 November, Wazi opens up about her love affair with comedy and encourages other comedians to put themselves forward and enter in either the Savanna Newcomer Award or the remaining categories, which close on 12 December 2023.  

How did you fall in love with comedy?

Oh easy, comedy is so irresistible! I fell in love with humour when I noticed how it uplifts people and how valuable in any situation in life this skill is. It’s like water, how can you not love water?! 

How is the best way to kick-start a career in comedy?

Start. And as you go, listen. You’re going to have to be skilled at listening. It will teach you hidden gems about human beings and you will learn how and when and why you get to be the one holding the mic.

You won the Savanna Newcomer Award at the 2023 Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards. What did it mean for you to get this acknowledgment?

I have a name for my award now: Khwezela. In short meaning the rekindling of fire to release new energy and to inject fresh life and bring warmth. Being a comedian, things can get dark and lonely very easily. Winning this award has been encouraging, it’s feels like being officially welcomed to the party, like belonging. 

Why should other newcomers enter themselves into an award platform like the Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards?

Because you’re capable of dopeness! Someone who needs to see might be in the room, go for it, show yourself. You never know! Also look at all previous winners, this is good for your foundation.

Tell us a little bit more about your latest show ‘Women Who Kill’.

I launched ‘Women Who Kill’ last year and it has grown so much! This show is about featuring dope women in comedy, women I believe everybody should watch. My dream is to eventually tour all cities with different line ups and have dope women in comedy recognised for their greatness and encourage more women to start and be dope!

What do the next few months look like for you?

Booking more theatres for shows! I love working with comedians. Its been a long wait but I’m going to be acting more. Look out for men on your screens keep an eye out for my new podcast ‘Censored-ish’ on YouTube!

Wazi M Kunene‘s journey to comedy excellence has been nothing short of remarkable. Her distinctive comedic style, characterised by sharp wit, insightful observations, and a unique perspective on life, has resonated with audiences and peers alike. Her well-deserved win at the Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards is a testament to her dedication, talent, and the bright future that lies ahead.

Here are the 12 accolades that honour excellence and sheer comedic genius:  


  • Savanna Newcomer Award
  • Breakthrough Act of the Year Award
  • Headliner of the Year Award
  • Comedian of the Year Award
  • Best Solo Show Award
  • Best Comedy Festival/Show Award
  • The Joe Mafela Award
  • The Hall of Fame Award
  • Best Comedic Writer Award


  • Uplifting Comedic Content Award
  • Sauce of the Year Award
  • Funny Is Funny Award

Enter now at Entries close for the Savanna Newcomer Award only on Thursday 9 November. Entries close for all other categories on 12 December 2023.  

Once entries are in, comedians review and nominate their peers. Four of the 12 categories will open for public voting after the nominee announcement in February 2024.

The winners will be announced at the main awards event in April in Johannesburg. Picture the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, but replace the poignant pauses with infectious laughter, because that’s what these awards are all about.  Tickets to the awards go on sale soon, pre-register to be the first to know all the details:

Keep your eyes on the event’s social media platforms for updates and for exciting competitions.