BULLDOG Gin, the bold and contemporary London Dry Gin, is proud to announce its latest milestone in its partnership with South African singer, rapper, and DJ, Lady Du. Their dynamic collaboration began in 2021 and has taken a bold leap into the Johannesburg cityscape with the launch of four eye-catching billboards, marking an evolution in their relationship.

The billboards, which were unveiled in October, serve as both a testament to Lady Du‘s indomitable spirit and BULLDOG Gin‘s commitment to staying true to your authentic self.  BULLDOG Gin and Lady Du‘s journey began with BULLDOG Gin’s Begin Bold digital storytelling series in 2021. The innovative campaign comprised a series of short films that chronicled the audacious beginnings of creative changemakers, including the unstoppable Lady Du. 

In her compelling feature, Lady Du shared the story of her early introduction to music when her father taught her how to DJ at the age of 10. Her relentless pursuit of her passion led her to work at her father’s car workshop to fund recording her music. Her ambition paid off and, in 2022, Lady Du embarked on a tour of the United Kingdom, sponsored by BULLDOG Gin.

Continuing their trailblazing journey in celebrating what it means to #BeginBold, BULLDOG Gin highlights Lady Du‘s determination to break free from routine in four billboards located on Grayston Drive in Sandton.

“I’m so excited about this collaboration with BULLDOG. It’s such a great opportunity in the Amapiano space where we are gaining international recognition. There’s so much going on around me at the moment—my song’s making waves on TikTok, and now, seeing our billboard on the streets reaffirms the synergy between my vision and BULLDOG.”

Expressing her enthusiasm, Lady Du said,

“I really appreciate what BULLDOG has done, especially because they came into my life when I was still on the come up. They’ve been on the journey with me supporting everything I do. It’s such a great experience and one of my biggest achievements, something I’ve had on my success list which I’m very appreciative and grateful for.”

On BULLDOG’s support since the early days of her career, she notes,

Photographer Andrew Berry, who worked on the campaign, shares Lady Du and the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and individuality.

“Capturing artists in a way that is true to them and the brand we are working with has been something I have enjoyed for years. Working with an incredible personality like Lady Du and an open-minded brand like BULLDOG Gin allows for something special to come out of the intersection of the two forces.”

He states,

With Lady Du‘s inspiring journey and BULLDOG Gin‘s fearless spirit displayed for all to see on Grayston Drive, these billboards invite the city to join the movement, embrace their unique paths, and boldly begin their own stories of success. To see more about how BULLDOG paves the way for Bold Beginnings, search #BeginBold and follow @BULLDOG_Gin.