Hailing from the Netherlands, Stereo Cassette is a DJ and producer who hails from the vibrant city of Rotterdam. With deep roots in this dynamic city, Stereo Cassette is an accomplished house producer with a strong infusion of African musical influences. Over the years, he has graced the stage alongside prominent artists such as Hyenah, Rancido, Soulroots, Benny Rodrigues, and Zakes Bantwini, among others. His performances have extended to renowned clubs and festivals, including TOFFLER, Escape, Munch, Dreamfields Mexico, and Club MIA Tulum, as well.

Stereo Cassette embarked on his musical journey in Rotterdam, where he began crafting house music from a young age. As he crossed paths with various promoters and fellow artists, he honed his focus on a particular genre. His passion for Melodic Afro House grew exponentially, fueling his dedication to this genre.

His debut EP, titled “Untold,” found its home on Flamingo Recordings and served as a platform to convey untold stories through music. This release garnered praise, particularly catching the attention of Zakes Bantwini during the Liberation event, marking a significant turning point in Stereo Cassette‘s career.

With the support of the Wolfpack Agency, Stereo Cassette‘s musical journey took on a more serious and intense trajectory. He soon found himself booked for performances in Mexico, with appearances in Guadalajara and Tulum. Notably, he graced the ANTS stage at the Dreamfields Festival and played a memorable b2b set with Themba at Club MIA, which ultimately led to the creation of his latest release, “MIA.” The energy, atmosphere, and people at these events served as the inspiration behind this track.

This collection of music is a testament to Stereo Cassette‘s emergence from the shadows, signifying a fresh start. The EP kicks off with “Babylon” an enigmatic and profound track that delivers deep into the recesses of the heart. Transitioning towards the light, “We Meet Again” makes its presence known with its self-explanatory lyrics and an electrifying drop that is sure to ignite any crowd with irresistible energy for dance.

Stream / Download: https://dmrecordings.lsnto.me/dmr152?fbclid=IwAR05f8kN4qgPjTw44NpZCDR1v6cqgVq8KfSeSwbkjMdtJsCLdVVwJlV7-yQ