When it comes to traditional Italian cuisine and memorable dining experiences, Settebello, the popular Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Bedfordview, Johannesburg, ticks all of the boxes. The restaurant, which celebrates its fifth birthday this year, has become a popular dining destination for patrons looking for incredible Italian cuisine – but prides itself on offering a complete dining experience for diners at every visit.

Here are five delicious reasons why Settebello deserves a spot on your dining bucket list:

Quality ingredients and a full menu

At Settebello, it all begins with the commitment to using only the freshest and finest ingredients – something that has certainly helped the restaurant stand out. Their wood-fired pizzas boast the perfect crispy crust, made possible with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their pasta dishes are smothered in rich, homemade sauces prepared from scratch. Whether you’re a meat or seafood lover or a vegetarian searching for mouth-watering options, Settebello’s menu caters to every palate.

The perfect dining destination

Settebello is more than just a restaurant; it’s an Italian adventure from the moment you walk in. The cosy, warm décor takes you on a journey to the heart of Italy, and the friendly staff create an inviting atmosphere that’ll make you feel right at home. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a night out with friends or a dinner with the whole family, Settebello sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. In fact, Settebello isn’t just for grown-ups; it’s a family affair! With a large play area, the kids are bound to keep themselves entertained while enjoying some delicious food.

La Ciccia Carne Diem Evenings

Last month, Settebello announced their exciting new Carne Diem evenings which take place at the La Ciccia expansion of the restaurant. These evenings offer an exquisite nine-course menu that pays homage to the art of preparing and savouring beef, showcasing Settebello‘s dedication to elevating meat to an art form. With a “family-style” seating arrangement, where approximately 40 people share a table while being served delicious meat dishes, sides and includes a selection of wines and dessert, these evenings have proven to be a hit. Priced at just R900 per person, the Carne Diem evenings are the ultimate celebration of meat. Due to high demand, Settebello has announced that it will be adding additional dates and the Carne Diem evenings will now take place on 26 October, 2, 1 November, 9 November, 30 November and 21 December 2023 as well as 1 February, 29 February and 28 March 2024. Booking is essential and can be done via eat@settebello.co.za or by calling 010 035 5207.

Breakfast buffet bliss

At Settebello, breakfast is not just a meal; it’s an event. Their breakfast buffet, which takes place every Saturday and Sunday morning, is a feast of tasty options. A wide menu is on offer which includes fresh pastries, cereals, fruits, sandwiches, hot breakfast options, sweet treats, fruit juices and so much more. Every so often, the breakfast buffet options are themed. On the 28th and 29th of October, a spooktacular Halloween-themed breakfast buffet will be available where some devilishly good eats will be served up. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer a leisurely brunch, this buffet’s got something to kickstart your day.

Where special events become unforgettable memories

Settebello prides itself on turning any occasion into an unforgettable experience. With its warm and inviting ambiance, Settebello sets the stage for gatherings that are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration, a corporate event, a special family gathering, or celebrating a major milestone, Settebello‘s charming décor and attentive staff ensure that every detail is taken care of.

For more information about Settebello and ‘La Ciccia,’ please visit www.settebello.co.za and follow them on FacebookInstagram and TikTok.