The International Arts Talent Showcase (IATS) is in the business of changing lives. They not only identify local talent, they also develop and nurture that talent for possible career opportunities on both local and international soil.

This year’s event alone, awarded $1,026,750 worth in scholarships for aspiring talent to study at AMDA College, turning a bevy of dreams into reality. For over 50 years, AMDA has launched some of the most successful careers in theatre, film and television.

AMDA creates industry professionals who don’t just wait for life to happen—they stage their own career path.

This is synonymous with the IATS ethos.

“You cannot wait for success to come to you, you need to go out and craft it yourself.”

Chairperson and CEO of 33 and Me Talent Agency, and Producer of the IATS, Elsubie Louwrens says,

Elsubie is a living example of this. Growing up in a trailer park in the Eastern Cape with next to nothing, she saved up every penny and moved to Johannesburg to pursue a career in modeling and acting. It was tough, but the powerhouse managed to star in numerous national television series, such as Binnelanders, Egoli and Scandal, some Bollywood Films as well as Leon Schuster’s Mr. Bones 2, and more. During this time, she developed humility and a burning passion to serve others.

Her wealth of industry knowledge and experience as a professional actress and commercial model set her up with the skills to grow and cultivate others.  Her desire is to develop the confidence of the youth and empower them to believe that their voice matters.

For the past 13 years, The IATS has transformed many dreams into reality and paved the way for future generations in the film, fashion and entertainment industry. This year they raised the bar, by adding the European fashion market to their global placement portfolio. With a newly formed partnership with European Model Showcase Paris, this year’s showcase welcomed Co-Director’s Genevieve Glenn and Deborah Lasher to see what the country truly has to offer.

Moreover, the IATS also welcomed Elite Miami and Wilhelmina to their elite fashion placement panel, further expanding opportunities and territories for local models.

The opportunities are endless. Also present at the showcase this year were the owners of Manikin Agency who selected models for international representation at Greece Fashion Week.

Lastly on the fashion front, Elsubie announced her partnership with World Fashion Week Dubai, which takes place from the 2-9 November 2023.

Opportunities for singers at the showcase were also tenfold. This year, Grammy nominated Producer Tedy P, Blaze Johnson from The Voice America and Audible Breakthrough, as well as Nate Butler Casting Producer for America’s Got Talent Season 9 and 10 as well as X Factor USA Season 3 were all present.

“This year, the caliber of talent at showcase was unparalleled, probably the best I have ever seen, from the singers straight down to the models.”

Blaze Johnson said,

“The International ARTS Talent Showcase was a gathering of the premier talent in the world. I had the opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful, driven, ambitious and motivated performers I have ever seen.”

Tedd P concurs, stating:

There is no doubt that the IATS lit up the room at The Venue in Melrose Arch. Expanding their placement portfolio, the showcase continues to create even bigger and better opportunities for local talent to learn, work and shine, placing SA on the world map and proving that international is not impossible.