Spotify has announced Mx Blouse, the genre-fluid South African artist as GLOW Spotlight Artist for October. Spotify GLOW launched in January this year as a global music program celebrating and amplifying LGBTQIA+ artists and creators. The program celebrates the work, artistry, and immense impact of LGBTQIA+ music and culture.

“Many LGBTQIA+ artists and creators have had limited amplification opportunities. This has led music lovers and the industry in general to overlook their artistry. Artistry is personal and used as a tool of expression, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. However, if the opportunities for this marginalised community are few and far between, building a future as an artist becomes overly challenging,”. 

says Henco Harmse, Spotify’s Artist and Label Partnerships Manager in South Africa

Mx Blouse‘s entry into the music industry was through their first single, WTF(SQUARED), released prior to Spotify’s 2018 launch in South Africa. The genre-bending single released in 2016 birthed an artist whose music blurs the lines between rap and a variety of dance music styles, including house and kwaito, underpinned by a distinctly streetwise African sensibility.

WTF(SQUARED)‘s release was just the beginning, and what followed thereafter showcased Mx Blouse‘s unwavering dedication to drawing inspiration from all corners of the music realm to create a sound that is both unique and eclectic; defying any genre norms we were accustomed to. Their sound evidently tickles down to their overall expression both on stage and in their music videos. Their single, Supernatural, which borrows from the rap and dance world among others, is a perfect example of this.  

Mx Blouse‘s artistry closely marries their steady bravery as a genre-fluid artist in an industry that is far from being inclusive and supportive of LGBTQIA+ artists or those who do not fit the traditional mould. Their bravery surpasses and transcends the domestic sonic environment. They have performed at some of South Africa‘s most popular music festivals in addition to touring in Germany, Switzerland, and France.

“We firmly understand and acknowledge the importance of lifting the voices of LGBTQIA+ artists and creators within the music industry. Spotify GLOW provides LGBTQIA+ artists and creators with tools on and off platforms to build their careers beyond domestic borders,”.  

continued Harmse

Mx Blouse is the cover star of the GLOW playlist. Check out their single ICON on the playlist.