Afro-electronic at its best, Masšh’s distinctly unique production style is one that sets him apart. With an unconventional sound that transcends musical boundaries, Masšh returns to Stay True Sounds, presenting his latest release, a two-track EP titled ‘Masingita’.


With his non-traditional approach to music having earned him accolades and support from the likes of Shimza, Keinemusik, Desiree, Kid Fonque and Caiiro, ‘Masingita’ presents an other-worldly duo that stays true to the South African producer’s sonic identity. Translated as ‘miracles’ from the South African tongue of Tsonga, ‘Masingita’s title track single is a striking reinterpretation of South African group Kentphonik’s hit featuring vocalist Lolo. The EP’s closing track ‘Int’engekhoyo’ (feat STOFFELA) is a deep and captivating conclusion to this standout body of work.

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