A unique, romantic summer disco ballad here, by young producer talent KAYYAK from Zurich, issued on Swiss imprint rumpelmusig (Release Date: September 29th, 2023).

“It was a Friday night at the end of May. Spring whistled the first balearic air to the Zürisee. My wife and I made our way to a dinner at the lake. Sitting down at Mönchhof in Kilchberg, talking of our love. We get up and start cruising along the lake, windows open, Love songs playing loud and the sunset mirrored in my wife’s eyes, singing along our favourite music.

We end up in the studio together recording this song, Mönchhof Amour. Xenia’s first time on vocals, celebrating and confident, while I run around the room finding the right sounds. Hyped up from the Aperol Spritz at Mönchhof, we sing ‘Once I know I have to find my soul I let you know’ deep into to the night.


Weeks pass & I show Kalabrese the song, his soul connects right away. He walks to the Wurlitzer and records a brilliant Solo melody in the middle of the song. We start playing the song at parties, always fine-tuning together. Kala really understanding the love couple, the best man on our side. A real Rumpel Love-story.