Get ready to roar with laughter as radio personalities and close friends, Rory Petzer and Carol Ofori take the stage together for the first time at The Barnyard, Suncoast. As if that wasn’t enough, the spectacle will be hosted by KZN favourite and multiple South African comedy award winner, Carvin H Goldstone.

The show will be Rory’s first official one-man-show in Durban and, as his opening act, will also be Carol’s comedic debut.

Well-known across KZN for their 09h00 – 12h00 show on East Coast Radio, Rory and Carol will deliver an afternoon of hysterics you do not want to miss. 

Carol Ofori

Sharing anecdotes from their experiences in radio and their lives in Durban, the duo promises a relatable and rib-tickling performance. From Rory’s escapades living up on the hill with his partner and two dogs to Carol’s tales of moving cities with her two young children, the show will offer a unique glimpse into their lives and perspectives on navigating this country that we love so much, even though it frustrates us daily!

The duo’s good friend, Carvin H Goldstone is excited to be a part of it too.

“I’ve known Rory since he first arrived in Durban to join ECR and add his PE flavour to the Durban Comedy scene. His growth has been phenomenal from a support act to an award-winning comedian. We travelled together to the Comics Choice Awards this year where Rory was a winner, so I do feel a part of his journey in many ways. It’s a very proud moment to host his first ever one man show in Durban. It’s overdue. He’s made a name for himself on TikTok and Facebook and those followers are in for a treat,”.

says the popular Goldstone

“Carol is the Queen of Daytime Radio and the most dynamic radio personality in the province with seemingly no bound to her talent. Podcasting, voice-overs, MC – she does it all. But clearly for Carol, all is not enough, because she’s now entering the brutal and rewarding world of stand-up comedy. She’s got the charisma, stage presence and confidence, so I’m looking forward to her pairing all of that with the jokes. It’s going to be an afternoon to remember!”

He adds,

2023 Savanna Comics Choice Comedy Award winner, Rory says he’s nervous but excited to be performing his first ever one-man show at his favourite venue in Durban.  

“I love the people of Durban so much and I’ve been doing comedy here for about nine years so it was definitely about time and The Barnyard at Suncoast is my favourite venue in KZN, so it all just fell into place,” Rory shares. He adds “When I was thinking about an opening act, I remembered Carol once said she wanted to ‘try comedy sometime’, so I gave her no choice! I’m so excited for this show! And, as for Carvin as our host, it was a no-brainer for me. I’ve learned so much from him over the years and I love the guy!”

“I’m nervous as hell, but excited for my comedic debut! I’ve always secretly wanted to give comedy a try and I feel so honoured that Rory has allowed me to come shine with him on one of the biggest days in his comedy career.”

Carol Ofori adds

The show starts at 13h00 and tickets are limited and are only R180 each.

Tickets can be purchased through and with the duo’s popularity and the excitement surrounding their debut performance together, and Carol’s first comedy gig ever, they are expected to sell out quickly.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, 14 October
Time: 13h00
Venue: The Barnyard, Suncoast
Ticket Price: R180 each through