PUMA Hoops and LaMelo Ball are unveiling the LaFrancé Collection created in collaboration with LaMelo Ball’s official lifestyle brand specializing in designer streetwear and sportswear. The PUMA x LaFrancé collection represents an elevated, luxurious twist for the PUMA brand, weaving in a dramatic, yet romantic, take to on-court and off-court fashion.

Taking inspiration from traditional French floral patterns, the debut PUMA x LaFrancé collection will feature fleur-de-lis graphics complemented by fluorescent slime and alien claw marks. The collection features apparel pieces and two footwear styles including a limited MB.03 LaFrancé. This collection debuts the MB.03, LaMelo Ball’s third signature sneaker with PUMA. The limited-edition MB.03 LaFrancé is the first of many MB.03 colorways on the horizon.

The limited-edition collection will set the tone and sole for the upcoming season. Fresh from the alien underground, this collection reflects designs inspired by Ball’s special abilities that make him out of this world both on and off the court. The MB.03 LaFrancé is designed to look like it has been through an extreme journey, with claw marks and acid bath effects. In addition to the MB.03 LaFrancé, the collection also includes a RS-XL LaFrancé for more of a lifestyle feel, and apparel including branded jersey, hoodie, shorts, jogger pants, and graphic tees.

“I am excited to bring my two worlds together, PUMA and LaFrancé. This will be a Rare exclusive collection to my fans. With the idea that you’re 1 of 1 forever. These pieces are perfect for on and off the court style”.

said LaMelo Ball

Set to launch on 14 September 2023, The PUMA x LaFrancé collection, will retail for R3299 and will be available at PUMA.com and Shesha.