FAME Week Africa, the premier cultural and creative event celebrating African and global creatives, is proud to announce its partnership with CreateSA.tv, a leading advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in the entertainment industry. This collaboration marks a significant step towards promoting representation, equitable opportunities, and inclusive dialogue within the creative world.

CreateSA.tv will play a pivotal role in advancing FAME Week Africa‘s commitment to DEI through a range of strategic initiatives:

Diversity and Inclusion Planning

CreateSA.tv will work closely with RX Africa, organisers of FAME Week Africa, to establish a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan. This plan will set forth goals, strategies, and initiatives aimed at fostering representation from various backgrounds, cultures, and identities within the event.

Outreach and Engagement

The partnership will enable CreateSA.tv to actively engage with underrepresented communities, filmmakers, industry professionals, and organisations. Through outreach programmes, networking events, and targeted initiatives, CreateSA.tv will connect with marginalised groups and amplify their voices, fostering a more inclusive event

Programming and Curation

CreateSA.tv will collaborate closely with FAME Week Africa‘s programming team to ensure a diverse and inclusive selection of content. This will include films, projects, and panel discussions that showcase stories from diverse backgrounds and communities. The partner will also facilitate panel discussions, workshops, and roundtable sessions focusing on DEI topics within the film, tv and music industry.


Advocating for accessibility measures, CreateSA.tv will ensure that FAME Week Africa venues and activities are accommodating to individuals with disabilities. This includes providing sign language interpreters, wheelchair accessibility, and other necessary accommodations to ensure everyone’s participation.

Inclusive Marketing and Communication

CreateSA.tv will collaborate with FAME Week Africa‘s marketing team to develop inclusive messaging, imagery, and promotional materials that reflect the event’s commitment to DEI.

“We are thrilled to welcome CreateSA.tv as our inclusivity partner for FAME Week Africa,”.

“Our partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to create a platform where diverse voices can thrive, learn from each other, and contribute to a more equitable and just creative industry.”

says Martin Hiller, Portfolio Director of FAME Week Africa

“We strongly believe in the values of diversity, equality and inclusion, “.

said Elisma Uys-Hanekom, Founder and Executive Producer at CreateSA.tv

“Through this partnership, we aim to amplify our collective efforts in promoting DEI within the entertainment industry and inspiring positive change.”

FAME Week Africa and CreateSA.tv look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will help shape a more inclusive creative landscape for all. For more information about FAME Week Africa and its partnership with CreateSA.tv, please visit www.fameweekafrica.com or follow us @fameweekafrica.