Jerry Mntonga, a Johannesburg runner, has been featured in a new short-form documentary showcasing his efforts to #Run4Avos and get South Africans following in his running steps.  The short film (of the same name) documents his efforts and reasoning behind his newfound love for the avocado, after having run for numerous causes (including rhinos, hope, vitality, cities parks and even bears).  He’s even managed to get one of South Africa’s biggest corporates onboard to support his efforts. 

“You must run to change the world.  Make an impact.  Run to save something.  One step at a time.  One cause at a time.  One chafe cream at a time,”.

explains Jerry in the film

Most runners will identify with Jerry in his quest to run for good, with numerous races and events around the country advocating for causes and worthy fundraising initiatives.  Not many, however, will have run for avocados (or in Jerry’s words ‘Avocacy’). 

Watch Jerry’s story to find out why he is running for avocados by pressing play above. 

While Avocado’s definitely don’t need saving, Jerry’s willpower and passion for using running for good cannot be faulted – something which was noticed by the country’s leading running fraternity, The Nedbank Running Club.

“Jerry’s enthusiasm should be inspiring to all.  While his cause may have been slightly misguided, his drive and enthusiasm cannot be faulted – something we can all learn from.  The Nedbank Running Club is more than a club.  Our aim is to get all South Africans of all ages and backgrounds involved in running.  This is why Nedbank wanted to come onboard and help Jerry channel his enthusiasm into getting more South Africans running,”.

said Nthabiseng Matshekga, Nedbank Executive Head of Group Marketing

Nedbank has even pledged to reward everyone who joins Jerry’s cause with a voucher for their aptly named Avo SuperShop

“There was an obvious fit.  So, we decided to help Jerry turn #Run4Avos into something South Africa can really get behind by rewarding them for participating. It’s now an initiative both Jerry and Nedbank can be truly proud of and we urge everyone, whether you’re a runner or not to join-in and earn a Avo SuperShop voucher,”.

added Matshekga

You can join Jerry in his quest to #Run4Avos and be rewarded for your running (not to save fruit) – check out his Strava challenge now and join in the fun. 

Search #Run4Avos on Strava or social media to find out more.