In 2019, Levi’s® launched their Curvy range, featuring the Levi’s® Curvy Super Skinny jeans, High-Rise Super Skinny jeans and Skinny jeans, then added the Straight and Flare jeans in 2022. Led by Thuli Phongolo alongside other influential women in the fashion industry, the groundbreaking Curvy campaign became the biggest women-focused initiative launched by a fashion brand in South Africa—and now, Thuli and Levi’s® have partnered once again for the 2023 edition of the Curvy campaign.

Like many women, Thuli Phongolo was met with limited options and struggled to find jeans that suited her shape. Everything changed when she discovered Levi’s® Curvy jeans. Throughout its long-standing history, Levi’s® has established itself as a global leader in style, quality, and durability. However, the brand knew that true empowerment meant creating jeans that excelled in every area. Recognising a unique need in the South African market, Levi’s® developed the Curvy range exclusively for the region and continues manufacturing them at their Epping plant in Cape Town.

The Curvy range is meticulously designed to sculpt the figure, elongate the legs, and maintain its shape without gaping at the waist. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The Levi’s® Curvy Skinny jeans, High-Rise Super Skinny jeans, Super Skinny jeans, Flare jeans, and Straight jeans are fabricated with Levi’s® soft fabric technology, resulting in a delicate blend of soft cotton with stretch. Not only do they offer serious sculpting benefits, but they also deliver a luxurious touch while the added flexibility accentuates curves without compromising on comfort.

At the heart of the Curvy campaign is Levi’s® commitment to representing and celebrating women, regardless of their shape or size. The 2022 campaign garnered over 27 million video views and smashed sales figures. For South African women, inclusivity has never just been about clothing—it’s about seeing themselves represented, feeling comfortable and confident in their skin, and knowing that they are valued.

Women around the world should have the opportunity to experience representation, recognition, and joy through the clothing they wear. Their garments should not only fit their bodies, but flatter and celebrate them.

To celebrate this year’s Levi’s® Curvy campaign, an exclusive launch event took place on Saturday, 5 August at Haus of Strauss in Johannesburg. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbly courtesy of Krone. Then, they were guided through the space where they could try on different pairs of Curvy jeans to find ones that perfectly fit their curves. 

To further immerse guests in the different styles available within the Curvy range, an interactive exhibit featuring imagery of Thuli Phongolo was displayed throughout the space. Emphasising the Curvy campaign’s message of celebrating yourself with confidence, guests had the opportunity to create their own Curvy campaign photoshoot. Snapping images of attendees was none other than Cedric Nzaka, renowned lifestyle photographer and the talent behind the lens of the 2023 campaign.

To honour Women’s Month, guests were treated to an indulgent pampering session courtesy of Sheer Bliss and a ‘build your own bouquet’ experience while they sipped on beverages from Jack Black and Pura Soda.

Shop the Curvy range in-store or online and showcase your curves.