J’Something, the lead singer for South African house band Mi Casa has released Not Alone, his first solo project. The song moves away from the band’s house background, and reveals the singer’s powerful vocals in an inspirational soul and R&B number. 

The band is about to kick off an European tour this August, and the excitement is building up among their fans. Over the last 28 days, Mi Casa‘s Spotify streams have reflected the buzz for their forthcoming tour. Most of the countries they are touring are among the top ten places streaming their music. Germany, United Kingdom, where they are starting the tour, Netherlands, France and Spain are all in the top ten countries listening to their music. 

“Not Alone is a song I wrote in 2019 and in all honesty never intended to release it. It’s a song I actually wrote for myself, to remind myself how even though at times I may feel alone I do have a very real connection between body and spirit. In 2019 I embarked on a new personal journey where I decided to try my utmost best to “unbox” myself from as much as possible and allow myself the freedom to explore my one life, one day at a time. This song isn’t part of a specific religion per se but more so around something that religion so beautifully teaches us and that is the idea that we all have a spiritual connection to a higher power. All I hope is that this song lands on fertile soil. You are not alone.”

Speaking on the new release, J’Something said,

As part of the on-platform support, Spotify has included the new single in the Fresh Gospel AfricaFresh GospelGospel Greatness, and Be Lifted playlists. The playlists have over three hundred thirty-five thousand listeners combined and appeal to an inspirational, gospel music demographic; so Not Alone will be in good company. 

“We’ve experienced J’Something’s artistry as a part of Mi Casa but with Not Alone, he seems to be reinventing his sound with something different from what we would usually expect from him. We are proud to stand behind this single at Spotify and bring it to our listeners,”. 

said Phiona Okumu, Spotify’s Head of Music in Sub Saharan Africa