West-London based singer-songwriter Kyra releases EP ‘as things grow’ via Other Projects. The latest offering includes singles ‘after the love’, ‘blossom spring’, ‘excellent’ and now follows with new focus track ‘grown’.

Quickly establishing herself as a key player in the UK music scene, Kyra’s unorthodox and gripping releases have caught the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, featuring in his ‘track of the week’ series, Jamz Supernova’s BBC1Xtra Top 5 EPs, Jess Izsatt (BBC Introducing), garnering her features in the likes of Notion, Hunger Magazine, Noctis, tmrw, Clash and more recently a playlisting on JazzFM.

Her debut project ‘Xanadu’ received high praise, propelling Kyra a headline UK tour with rave reviews, leading her to be handpicked to headline BBC Music Introducing’s ‘futuretense series’ at Southbank Centre. It was followed by a sold-out immersive experience, complete with a live band and visual rooms. 2022 saw Kyra’s live presence evolve even further with a number of intimate performances, a festival appearance with Blue Lab Beats at Wilderness and the launch of her own ‘Kyra & Friends’ live showcase in collaboration with Soho Friends.

Described by Kyra as “somewhat of a diary entry,” ‘as things grow’ is a cohesive body of work exploring Kyra’s growth as a young woman, mother and partner. The project delivers an exploration of self, whilst also delving into the relationships between the differing dynamics of identity as a whole. An exquisite offering exuding a nostalgic feel with delicate blends of soul and jazz.

Once again working with long-term collaborator Gibbi Bettini aka The Garden, Kyra chose to change the sound frequency of the EP to 432hz.

“The numerology is spiritually significant,”.

details Kyra

“It’s said to be the heartbeat of the earth as it is a frequency of healing. One that encourages positive energy and even has the power to make plants grow.”

An array of songwriters lent their skills to the making of this beautiful body of work including Mary Sho, The Halfway Kid and Ashaine White, whilst the likes of Kenji Fenton (Paul McCartney, Stormzy) and Ciara Ismail of Bolt Strings (Debbie, Potter Payper) delivered their touch of brass and string instrumentation.

With support from the PRS Women Make Music Foundation, Kyra’s process in creating this project was to collaborate with as many women identifying producers and musicians.

“I really wanted an organic and community feel when writing,”.

shares Kyra

“We recorded in the room with a hand held microphone so it felt super natural. There’s laughing and talking in the background, which I’m super happy we captured and included within the project. There are string arrangements composed by an all female orchestra and most of the co writes were women also. I’m really proud of what I have created and the sessions were a really special time.”

“I wanted this project to feel like a snippet of my journal. I’ve been honest about the challenges of motherhood, relationships and I know many others will also relate. Most of all I want people to feel that it’s ok to change and grow beyond past versions of themselves. Even the music itself grows throughout this body of work and I hope those that listen find their path to their own growth by listening.”

Speaking on the project as a whole, Kyra shares her intentions:

One of the most exciting exports of the UK’s burgeoning jazz/soul scene, ‘as things grow’ demonstrates Kyra’s natural ability to combine a commercial sound with the craft and care of an authentic musician. Following the birth of her baby daughter earlier this year, Kyra is already back performing and in the studio with the likes of Jake Isaac, Aaron Taylor and Grammy Award winners Blue Lab Beats.

Kyra is backed by the PRS Women Make Music Foundation, an initiative which supports the development of outstanding women, trans and non-binary songwriters and composers.