The second single taken from forthcoming album ‘Last Drop’ (due out October 2023), ‘Never Mind’ (Release Date: June 16th, 2023) is a genre-bending, riotous Neo-Soul song by Swiss-based collective MISS C-LINE & The Rabidz.

Do you know the feeling of being misunderstood or not heard? Or when you have to fight against prejudices, you have to justify yourself and then you are just tired? The song ‘Never Mind’ wants to draw attention to the fact that even if you have to deal with so many things, do not forget to focus on the right ones. Starting with slightly melancholic vibes, the song takes an enormous turn and breaks out into a real headbanger. In the final part MISS C-LINE repeats the mantra and directs her focus – say:

“Never mind, let me get my things right. Imma come back with a new vibe. Tryna figure out what’s in my Blood type, what’s the spirit to become the version I like!“.

Definitely a potent song, both musically and lyrically, that should not be missed.

MISS C-LINE is a rising Neo-Soul singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Switzerland. Her music blends soul with elements of hip-hop and jazz, resulting in a unique and memorable style. With influences such as Erykah Badu, The Roots & Robert Glasper, MISS C-LINE writes and produces her own songs, and has already earned a nomination for the Kick Ass Award 2019. She has collaborated with international artists and won the “New Generation Jazz Lab Contest 2021“. Currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Music Production, MISS C-LINE is a charismatic performer who effortlessly blends singing and rapping.

MISS C-LINE & The Rabidz is a project that quickly developed from jam sessions of the four artists MISS C-LINE, James Iwa, Eric Valle and Iannis Obiols to a much larger potential. In September 2022 they flew to Spain to record their debut album. Within 4 days the entire work was created, an intense yet incredibly creative time. Afterwards MISS C-LINE took over the post-production for another 3 months.