Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy are prominent public figures in the South African entertainment industry. Khuli Chana is a multi-award-winning rap artist, songwriter, and record producer known for his unique style of fusing different genres such as Motswako, Hip-hop, and Kwaito. His success includes the release of several successful albums, including the game-changing ‘MotswakOriginator’ and ‘Lost in Time.’ Lamiez Holworthy, on the other hand, is a DJ, television and radio personality, businesswoman and philanthropist, known for her vibrant personality and skills on the decks. Her brand has evolved so much that she has become a widely popular figure in the field. 

With their individual dreams and ambitions that they pursue passionately, Khuli and Lamiez have become an inspiring pair, entertaining the masses through their talent and creativity. TurnUp Music is thrilled to announce the launch of the Khuli and Lamiez Experience on the Celebrity Connect platform in partnership with Vodacom. The launch of this experiential app offers an exclusive look into the lives of the power couple where users can get to follow their journey closely, learn from their experiences, and get inspired by their paths to success.

“We’re excited to see the House of Khuli and Lamiez app come to life on the Celebrity Connect platform, making history and leaving a legacy,”. “This app is straight-up revolutionary, giving us full control over our audience and content. We’re talking major empowerment here, and we’re hyped to show off our unique styles and creative energy to our fans like never before.”

they say

In terms of the user experience on the platform, fans can now immerse themselves in the daily lives of their favourite couple like never before. The app offers exclusive access to behind-the-scenes glimpses into their world, including never-before-seen music videos, a sneak peek into their fashion and art, and even a meet and greet with a special member of their family, Kumo.

“We are thrilled about the House of Khuli and Lamiez Experience, it’s an innovative platform that puts the power back into the hands of the artists,”. “It’s great to finally see a platform that not only belongs to the artist but where they have ownership of their audience and the content that they produce. This app allows them to showcase their personalities and creativity, making it a unique experience for their fans. We’re excited to be a part of this new era of artist empowerment.”

says Vijay Kumar Vichhi from OnMobile

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