Samsung Electronics has unveiled its newest and ultra-premium Micro LED TV with prices ranging from R1.4 million up to R3 million, available in screen sizes from 76” up to 126”. With advancements in picture and sound quality, more screen size options, customisable accessories and an upgraded interface, the Micro LED screens bring the vision of ‘More WOW than ever’ closer to reality with lifelike images, immersive sound and hyper-personalised experiences.

Created from sapphire materials, this borderless, razor slim TV is impressive and offers exceptional sound quality while delivering a front-row experience that feels like you’re sitting in a movie theatre or a concert hall. The launch follows hot on the heels of the recent accolades where Samsung was named as the number 1 global TV brand for the 17th consecutive Year by market research firm Omdia.

“Samsung understands that TV entertainment is more exciting when it’s involving and more cinematic and the Micro LED TV heeds that call in exceptional fashion. With its innovative take on what’s possible, it stretches viewing possibilities to grander levels. The Micro LED TV demonstrates the potential of ultra-premium home screen products for Samsung and shows not only the tech leadership but the company’s bold approach to creating products,”. “Ultimately, it is all for our customers and those who get to have the pleasure of witnessing this level of TV will attest to its majestic viewing experience and how it suits their lifestyle.”

said Mike van Lier, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung

The 110” ultra-premium home cinematic product was unboxed and installed at the Cinema Architects lifestyle and high-tech experience centre in Sandton as a result of a partnership with the company. Cinema Architects is a full-service custom integration firm providing the design and installation of sophisticated electronic systems for premium and smart homes for residential environments.

“For 42 years we have been seen as a leader in the Home Automation and Home Cinema space. Part of our success has been attributed to aligning ourselves with high quality like-minded brands, as well as keeping up with the latest trends in technology. Samsung is a brand we hold in very high regard and one are extremely proud to align with as we enter this new age of Micro LED technology. The Samsung Micro LED TV was our number one choice, a TV with exceptional quality filled with innovative technology. The audio system native to the Micro LED TV is second to none, and probably the best we’ve heard on a TV. The image quality sets new benchmarks, and really needs to be seen to be believed,”.

said Mauricio Tavares, Marketing Director of Cinema Architects

MICRO LED: The Pinnacle of Display Technology

As Samsung’s state-of-the-art display, Micro LED offers a top-level quality thanks to 25 million micrometre-sized LEDs that individually produce light and colour, creating an incredibly immersive experience through impressive depth, vibrant colours and a heightened level of clarity and contrast. The Micro LED Is available in the size formats 126”, 114”, 110”, 101”, 89” and 76”.

In addition to the hardware innovations, the Micro LED supports 20-bit greyscale depth. This means Micro LED models can express every detail in a scene, offering the finest control with over 1 million steps of brightness and colour levels, delivering a true HDR experience. It also expresses 100% of DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamut, resulting in stunning, lifelike colours. Together with the immaculate design made possible by its 99.99% screen-to-body ratio, Micro LED delivers revolutionary performance.

Finally, Micro LED comes packed with enhanced usability and customisation features.

  • Art Mode allows consumers to turn any room into an art gallery as they can select and display their favourite artwork or digital photography.
  • Multi View lets users view content from four different sources simultaneously – from any or all of the four HDMI ports – in pristine 4K resolution at up to 120fps.
  • Dolby Atmos delivers a premier audio experience with top, side and bottom channel speakers for breath-taking, multi-dimensional sound.

The New Smart Hub and Apps for the Ultimate User Experience

Samsung’s Smart TVs come with a new Smart Hub that puts content curation and discovery front and center with their viewing preferences. The new Smart Hub will guide users to their favorite content or help them discover something new all while spending less time searching. The Smart Hub’s sidebar also allows for a seamless transition between categories, letting users focus on various in-home activities.

·        NFT Platform: This application features an intuitive, integrated platform for discovering, purchasing and trading digital artwork through Micro LED together with Neo QLED and The Frame TVs.

·        Smart Calibration: This feature allows users to fine tune the settings for optimal picture quality. Basic mode features a quick and easy way of calibrating the screens within 30 seconds, while Professional mode optimises the screens for pristine picture quality in about 10 minutes.

Source: Source Omdia, Jan 2023. Samsung was named as the number 1 global TV brand for the 17th consecutive Year by market research firm Omdia.

Samsung proudly supports Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030.