Issued on Nick Warren’s imprint The Soundgarden, the latest offering from talented Japanese producer Satoshi Fumi is titled ‘Prayer’, and comes complete with a remix by Nick Warren and Nicolás Rada.

Satoshi Fumi

Tokyo native Satoshi Fumi is strongly influenced by classic 90s Detroit, Chicago and New York Deep House sounds, releasing a steady stream of consistently great music since the turn of the century on labels such as Bedrock, Sudbeat, Get Physical and Moodmusic to name a few.

Meditative, restrained and timeless, ‘Prayer’ is an ever-so-slightly melancholy slice of Deep House goodness, with spine-tingling synth strings and fragmented piano melodies summoning profound emotions over warm analog drum machines and comforting, heartbeat-like sub bass.

Nicolas Rada

Nick Warren joins forces with longtime friend and collaborator and mentee, Argentine DJ and producer Nicolás Rada, to rework ‘Prayer’. The result is a trackier, more dancefloor oriented version that builds around swirling synth arpeggios to create a dizzying groove that simply soars, while still somehow holding onto the emotional depth of the original version.

Nick Warren

We hope you enjoy this complementary pair of productions. In your headphones at sunset, at midnight on the dancefloor, or anywhere in between, take a moment for Prayer.