After the success of his previous single ‘Akulaleki‘ which featured two dynamic vocalists, NaakMusiq and MrMo, talented spinner and music doctor, Rabs Vhafuwi is back with another majestic offering titled ‘Honest’. The latest release features vocal contribution by Kaylow, P. Postman and music genius, Aliekeys.

The DJ, who has become famously known for his magnetic music production skills is no stranger to jotting great songs that are celebrated for the longest time. With the three heavyweights featured talents on this new single, this masterpiece is yet another showcase to precisely remind music lovers alike why Rabs Vhafuwi is a name not to be taken likely in the mainstream music industry.

Packed with all the ingredients to push you to the dance-floor and to sing-along, ‘Honest’ carries a positive message about life and the journey that one decides to embark on. True to his musical skills, Rabs Vhafuwi offers a song that is able to invoke emotions.

‘Honest’ is a mature track – embellished with inviting musical instruments. The tune embodies the soulfulness in the overall production and is very inspirational. Talking about the song, Rabs Vhafuwi says ‘Honest’ is a step into a new sound that he wants to offer the listener.

“This is a good song to jam to at any given time of the day, its not only inspirational, it also carries all the right elements for a tribal house jam,” .

says the spinner

Some elements on the song to notice is the piano keys, synth elements, lead guitar that one can hear from a distance and Kaylow, and P.Postman vocal taking. In addition to its perfect vocal content, this single is skillfully produced, arranged, mixed and mastered.

By simply listening to this single, it is that clear to note that Rabs Vhafuwi and those featured on the song believe in the power of releasing meaningful music with great content that can inspire and entertain fans at the same time.

Take note that Rabs Vhafuwi‘s musical experience here takes center stage as it shines throughout this tune. The songwriting skill showcased and vocal ability cannot be compared to anything you have heard before. The overall music production on this release speaks volume!

‘Honest’ has its own admirable qualities. Let it be said that great talent married with proper melodic compositions can only give birth to one thing… quality music and that’s exactly what you will experience here.

This release offers nothing but the best that a music fanatic can ever ask for. Indeed, if music be the food of love, then play on…