There has been age old discourse in the fashion industry with regards to mixing and matching brands in one outfit. Some say it’s a fashion faux pas and others absolutely love it. We, on the other hand, are part of those that love it.

Rookie USA is a multi-branded premium retail destination, mixing and matching brands is very much encouraged.

If you are scared or don’t know where to start when mixing different brands, we are here to help you dress your little fashionista.

For beginners, simple is always best.

You can start off the outfit with a base of grey Converse sweatpants with minimal branding.

A simple white Jordan tee will never go out of style. Build the branded outfit with a simple white tee, again, keeping with the minimal branding to not overwhelm the eye.

Now, for the star of the show. This Nike sweatshirt has the most colourful and most noticeable branding, making it the statement piece. Having one heavily branded statement piece forces the eye to concentrate on that piece the most, almost forgetting the other subtle brands that are worn.

To complete the look and make all the branding a bit more subtle, finish it off with a simple Levi’s denim jacket. This denim jacket transforms this simple “chilling at home” outfit to “ready to go to the mall with mom” in seconds.

This outfit is simple, versatile and not intimidating to pull together. A great outfit for those starting off with mixing and matching brands.