Better Denim. Better Planet. Washwell™

At Gap, great product is always designed with sustainability in mind. Gap is committed to pursuing technologies and product innovation that allows us to deliver product that looks good and reduces our impact on people and the planet specifically with Gap‘s water-saving Washwell™ and Water Quality Program.

Gap‘s Water Quality Program, was designed to ensure our denim is made in way that protects local waterways and minimizes impact on the environment. Here’s how it works: we dye and wash every pair of our jeans. It’s what makes your blue jeans blue. Before the water used in the washing process leaves the factory, we treat it to remove any residue from manufacturing.

In addition to Gap’s Water Quality programGap is further developing its water-saving Washwell™ program. Compared to conventional wash methods, our water-saving Washwell™ program uses at least 20% less water and has saved over 402 million liters of water since 2016. That is enough water to fill 804 million water bottles! 

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