Communique – Breaking Out by UPZ (soWHAT Records)

‘After a two year hiatus, the anthemic ‘Pure Surprise‘ hitmaker UPZ returns with a new single titled Breaking Out (release date Nov. 5th 2021) which forms part of an upcoming 4 track EP scheduled for a first half 2022 release on soWHAT records.

The single features Kyan delivering an ultra smooth blue-eyed vocal with lyrics reflecting on firm bonds that were unhinged due to one sided secrecy & debauchery. The production is a coupling of smooth soulful house with indie sonic influences apexing with a melodic guitar hook.

UPZ has been present for just over a decade in the South African music landscape, having collaborated with Black Coffee, Black Motion, Cuebur, Sio, Maleh, Kevin Maduna, Qness and more; his leading singles include Pure Surprise, Uzongilinda, Believing, A Dream Away, Affrik Wo-man, Love is Not For Hire and he has released on labels such as Defected, Strictly Rhythm and Soul Candi. 

‘Breaking Out’ is out now on all stores:

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