Born To Be Free by Massiande

Stay True Sounds is very proud to announce this deep house 3 tracker called ‘Born To Be Free’ by Chilean producer Massiande.

Massiande has a plethora of releases under his belt, all touching down on some of the most influential house labels of our time including Ibadan, Freerange Records, Midnight Riot to name a few…

“This EP is not only for those who vibrate to the rhythm of Deep House, but also to those who believe in the freedom of expression, who believe in equality, who have something to say, who believe in the opportunities to make their own lives and those of others better, through their daily actions and through music.”

Some words on this release from Massiande

Feedback on EP

“Another strong release from Massiande!”


“Nice EP from Massiande!”

Fred Everything

“Dope 3 Tracker…NICE!!!”

Vinny Da Vinci

“Love it!”


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