G-Star RAW rolls out ‘Say It Witcha Booty’ across its 17 mono brand SA stores

G-Star RAW has given its 17 South African mono brand stores the Snoop Dogg treatment to showcase its Hardcore Denim campaign, which features a custom-made version of the multi-platinum artist’s soundtrack single ‘Say it Witcha Booty’.

Window displays are dominated by the hip-hop icon flanked by booty cut outs from the Snoop Dogg ‘Say it Witcha Booty’ video. In-store, the immersive experience includes mirror stickers and campaign graphics of Snoop and the collection. The campaign video, which is shown on digital screens in malls, also plays in the stores, while a hip-hop playlist helps to set the tone. Shoppers even get to take a piece of Snoop home, as his distinct silhouette features on in-store paper shopping bags and on G-Star RAW boxes when customers shop the product online.

Snoop needs no introduction – he’s a living legend and a globally recognised innovator, simultaneously iconic and accessible, just like denim. Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW has a long tradition of working with “true originals” like Snoop, authentic and exceptional people who are one-of-a-kind and true masters of their craft.

The campaign merges G-Star’s Hardcore Denim philosophy with Snoop’s signature blend of humour and style. The collaboration is brought to life by a video that creatively celebrates denim booties, featuring men, women, islands, hot air balloons and yes… even doggs.

A unisex “Say It Witcha Booty” capsule tee and sweatshirt collection is available to buy, as is a selection of denim jean styles, Snoop’s bucket hat and an arrow bandana, all of which feature in the Snoop Dogg video.

The ‘Say it Witcha Booty’ campaign is showcased online at: www.gstarraw.com

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