Lee, the iconic American denim and apparel brand, has been inspired by a storied heritage, fit for today. They have been crafting great versatile premium quality denim that lasts for over 100 years. 

Every guy owns multiple pairs of jeans and can define any outfit, from street to smart. Their denim has been loved for decades and they have loyal customers worldwide that swear by the quality of their merchandise.

The hardest decision is deciding what style of denim. Choose from slim jeans that go with anything from a graphic tee to a button-up. Lee’s collection includes many staples ready to work into your style range.

Lee didn’t set out to create trends, but that’s exactly what they did by wearing it has always and will always stand you out from the crowd. Available in an array of timeless hues and fits that range from classic to trendy.

Visit the new and improved website Thedrop.co.za to shop Lee denim and more. 

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