The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star made its debut in 1917 as a basketball shoe. Little did the once rubber company know that they were making the most iconic and heritage rich sneaker to date.

In the 1950, the NBA started taking form as the NBA we know today and so the deman for All Stars grew. In 1957, the white canvas with red and blue accents was created and became one of the most recognisable colourways of the All Star to date. Modern All Star Chucks in this colourway are largely true to this pair from the ’50s.

In the late 70s and early 80s, the court sneaker culture had a shift, athletes strayed away from All Stars and instead started purchasing heavier sneakers. Even though the sneaker was no longer being worn on the court, it was gaining a lot of popularity in the music scene.

Converse took the largest stride away from the original Chucks in 2020 with the Chuck Taylor All Star CX. The sneakers are made from a material toolkit called CX. The toolkit improves the sneaker in three areas: the stretch canvas, the insole/midsole foam, and a new outsole design. While the upper canvas doesn’t look too different from the original, you can see the true difference with the bottom of the sneaker.

The Converse All Star is the most iconic sneaker to date and has deeply merged itself within all subcultures.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, is truly a sneaker for everyone.