Converse City Forests: All Stars Find Their True Colours

The global ongoing Converse City Forests campaign truly brings a whole new meaning to street art. Converse is launching their third sustainable city forest mural this July, along with graffiti artist; George AKA Mars.

All Star self portrait murals show what barriers they break to find self-acceptance and their true colour. Sustainably speaking, Converse believes they are working on getting the planet back to its true self. The All-Star mural celebrates the culture of Converse All Stars, in the fight against gender equality, pride, the environment and racism in their cities through sustainable art, action and community.

Mars is an artist that has lived with deuteranopia (red- green colour blindness) his entire life. 

“This has been a lifelong struggle for me. I mean after all; how can you have a career in the creative field if you cannot see the colours properly? Well, you can and I`m living proof of it, for years it was something I had to keep secret because I was ashamed and embarrassed. Eventually, in order to grow and progress, I had to break through the barriers and beliefs, both self-imposed and societal; “that I could not be an artist”. I had to fully accept my condition in order to show my true colours, chase my passion and achieve my goals.”

Converse believes ALLSTARS are each as unique and colourful as their differences, with one unifier- shared determination of breaking hindrance inducing cycles. They believe through creative action; anything is possible, and no barrier can withstand an ALLSTAR on a mission. This is the reason it is so important for the brand to provide unique platforms like City Forests; where they collaborate with ALLSTAR creatives to amplify their stories and inspire change across the globe.

This powerful mural is located on the corner of Miriam Makeba Street & Albertina Sisulu Road, in the Johannesburg CBD from August 23rd, 2021.

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