Reebok x Très Rasché Drop Second Club C Collaboration

Reebok and nonbinary fashion label Très Rasché announce their newest drop: the Reebok x Très Rasché Club C Legacy Anahata Heart Chakra, available beginning September 23.

Following the launch of two colorways on the Club C 85 last year, this highly anticipated drop—designed by Très Rasché founder, Mad Bad Ting—will be the second launch of the Non-Binary/Unisex brand collaboration. The Club C Legacy Anahata Heart Chakra is part of Très Rasché’s ‘Awakening A New Reality’ collection.

“This collaboration means a lot to me personally and to my evolving business,”. “At the beginning of Très Rasché, many people didn’t believe in the vision of making something non-binary, overtly positive, and trying to change the systems at large. Reebok took a chance on me and was one of the first to believe in what TR is doing.”

said Mad Bad Ting

The inspiration and overarching theme for this sneaker collaboration is the Anahata Heart Chakra, the fourth Chakra. The catalyst of this collection is centered around reactivating the Heart Chakra, implied at connecting with the love energy that swirls all around us to awaken the reality of universality, connection, unity, and compassion.

The Reebok x Très Rasché Club C Legacy Anahata Heart Chakra features a green ombre continuous print that flows seamlessly across the panels of the shoe. A direct nod to the heart chakra energy, the ombre is meant to represent the idea that the only constant in life is change and that some days will be harder than others, but going with the flow, trusting the process, and choosing love is always the easiest way to find peace and clarity.

The photoshoot features Alex Goya as the main model accompanied by additional TR models to represent all customers. The art direction and vision behind the shoot is “energy,” embodied by green lighting and graphic elements.

“For Très Rasché, this collaboration means that the conglomerates and masses are one step closer to forgetting about gender stereotypes,”. “My goal since the beginning with this partnership has been to help bridge the gap between men’s and women’s sneakers.”

said Mad Bad Ting

The Reebok x Très Rasché Club C Legacy Anahata Heart Chakra will be available for purchase on beginning September 23.

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