As the leader of fashion forward footwear in the country, Footwork today introduces their latest fun and chic feel for the upcoming SS21 campaign. Aptly titled, #EveryWomanIsFootwork the brand celebrates a group of South African female trailblazers setting the trends for others to follow.

The new campaign will tap into the notion of showcasing women as the leaders of the 21stcentury, whilst embracing who they are expressing themselves through their choice of footwear.

Footwork lovers are constantly looking for something fresh, trendy, different and creative. The aim of the campaign is to give them exactly that with the new SS21 collection, which is infused with dynamic and bold designs.

To bring the #EveryWomanIsFootwork campaign to life, the brand scouted for fashion forward women who are not aligned with the brands identity but also leaders and innovators in their own individual fields. Females who aren’t celebrated enough.

Leading the campaign is former Mrs World, the beautiful Candice Abrahams, talented South African actress Nolo Seabi, reality Television Star / Content Creator Mischka Naidoo and renowned fashion/ lifestyle blogger Tamiq Houston.

These women are owning the different industries they occupy in huge strides, and the Footwork team are excited to have them on the forefront of the campaign.

#TheEveryWomanIsFootwork campaign will live across all brand touch-points along the customer journey, including advertising, online, in-store, and social media programs as of September, 17 2021.

“Footwork’s latest campaign lays the foundation of a long-term narrative of woman in the fashion space that will evolve over the course of the next few seasons, and for years to come. As a brand, we paid close attention to what woman love and we want them to incorporate Footwork shoes in their everyday lives,” .

stated Footwork’s brand manager, Thalia Olver

The #EveryWomanIsFootwork campaign is also a special edition, as Footwork sought out creative young, vibrant and out-the-box thinkers who all happen to be under 30.

Creative Direction & Campaign Concept Management 
Zola Gxagxisa, Tabby Kunupi and Chiara Olver

Hemisha Bhana

Troy Molaiwa 

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