The icon of denim, Lee, is launching a new campaign — “STAND TALL” — that encourages individuals to be self-affirming and confident.  Stand Tall starts with that unifying insight: the most important thing is that you should see yourself before anyone else sees you. 

As a brand, they have a unique personality that should be evident in everything they speak and do.

Today’s youth are always on the move; working hard, playing harder, all while staying cool. As an innovator, Lee understands their restlessness and speaks to them with energy, passion, and a zest for life.

Wearing Lee has always and will always stand you out from the crowd. They carry on their founding father’s legacy to this day, with uniquely selected visuals and verbiage which are as distinctive as those people who choose Lee.

It used to be said ‘you are what you wear’, but Lee knows now that it’s more of a case of you become what you wear. For the first step you get dressed up in the morning, it can fundamentally change not only people’s perception of you but your perception of yourself. Being confident is about how you see yourself before anyone else sees you. With Lee’s sharper style of outfit, you could STAND TALL  with its new season collection, live an enchanted life with self-affirmation and confidence, and stay who you are.

Just a reminder, you were born to stand out and not to stand still so Stand Tall with Lee


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