With global trends having moved more towards day time entertainment in the past few years, more so over the past few months, the ultimate luxury destination Altitude Beach today announced their season opening happening later this month.

Known for exclusivity and a premium offering of daytime dreaming, Altitude Beach is nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs, intimately and safely tucked away next to the Fourways Mall.

Having made a high impact on Joburg’s entertainment scene just over the past 18 months, this premium water-front dining and lifestyle venue is stepping it up a notch just in time for spring. The recently renovated venue features a state of art new roof application, a mouth-watering sustainable new menu as well as a long list of exclusive live entertainment.


The one of a kind retractable and translucent roofing structure was designed to let natural light in, while keeping the harmful UBA rays out during the summer time. The dynamic roof structure is carefully positioned over a large part of the venue to also keep the spring evening chills at bay.


A modern fusion between Asian and Caribbean inspired food with an obvious African twist flipped the new menu on its head. Curated by the dynamic Altitude team, the diverse menu boasts a selection of delectable trademark tomahawk steak options including the infamous villa carnival platter. The venue offers a variety of tapas dishes and sushi offerings for those who prefer to enjoy a small bite. 


The various bars throughout the venue offer an endless selection of premium drinks, luxury cocktails and designer warm drinks option will be available from their world-class bartenders and mixologists.

‘With the global shift focussed on health and safety, Altitude Beach presents our clientele with exclusive experiences featuring the best of what South African entertainment has to offer as well as international guests, in the safest possible environment – the great outdoors. With the recent addition of our recent functional roof application, our offering is now even safer from external weather factors. We have introduced a brand new list of world-class delectable dishes to our menu just in time for spring,’ . ’And with the overall restrictions eases up, we are super amped to get our workforce back in action, servicing our loyal patrons again. Here’s to a positive season ahead’.

stated venue owner Ricardo da Costa


Saturday, 21st Aug      –           Universal Concerts
Sunday, 22nd Aug        –           Naked DJ Birthday Extravaganza
Saturday, 28th Aug      –           Promoter X’s Birthday Celebration   
Sunday 29th Aug         –           Vato Kayde ‘s (La Familia) Birthday Party

Stay tuned to their social media handles to get the latest updates and find out how you can be a part of this exclusive world.

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