Sports company PUMA and Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone have released a debut collaboration inspired by the artist’s work, where elements from the past and future meet in a digitised version of the present.

Pantone’s diverse portfolio of work is united at the intersection of technology and fine art. Through an innovative approach to light, colour and shapes, his work represents how technology has altered our perception of the world. Thecollaboration brings this digital aesthetic to life on apparel and footwear, with progressive designs featuring semi-translucent materials, gridded textures and knitted elements. Futuristic gradient graphics and iridescent finishes give it a tech inspired look.

“I wanted to create the perfect uniform for myself and my studio team, for work and after work,”. “The collection embodies the street look from doing graffiti on the street and the high-tech essence of my studio work.” 

says Pantone

The collection pieces play with Pantone’s designs for a subtle yet bold look. With a gradient print on the midsole in a rainbow spectrum of colour, the Cruise Rider (R2 299) has a bright look that is contrasted with a white mesh upper with leather and semi-translucent TPU overlays. The RS-Connect (R2 699)has a more subdued look in an all-black design, using gridded textures and iridescent finishes to create a sleek look.

Using simple silhouettes to allow Pantone’s artistry to stand out, apparel includes a Jacket (R3 999), FB Jersey (R1 799), Pants (R2 299) and Long Sleeve Tee (R999) for men and a Jacket (R2 299), FB Jersey (R1 599), Shorts (R1 299) and Sweatpants (R1 799) for women.

Graphics like “FP Studio” and “Open this side” are printed on pieces throughout the collection. Further details include use of bright colours, Pantone’s signature gradients and subtle co-branding.

PUMA x FELIPE PANTONE is now available from PUMA.com, PUMA V&A and PUMA Braamfontein, WE ARE EGG, Madaiza and selected retailers.

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