Astral Love (feat. Dwight Trible, Planetself & Michele Manzo) (SMBD & Atjazz Remixes) by Inkswel

The latest single from Inkwel’s outstanding “Astral Love” LP. An album abundant with wondrous tunes, its title song has been remixed with potency by none other than Atjazz Record Company very own SMBD. Ruff and tough, as you’d be right to assume, SMBD‘s coarse grooves form an unconventional, yet harmonious partnership with the spiritual chants of DWIGHT TRIBLE‘S vocals. The result is a wonky deep-house tune that’s rather attractive in build. ATJAZZ contributes a deep, smooth, yet much more relaxing vibe, rounding off this already brilliant release with a sleek serving of modern soul.

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