Free Me EP by Buddynice

Deep grooving basslines, hard hitting stabs combined with swinging beats = a Buddynice production. DM.Recordings are proud to present to you Free Me EP. Four stellar produced tracks by Buddynice has has been churning out quality projects over the past couple of years.

Starting off with Free Me, the title track is a beautiful opening creation to this EP with dreamy vocal cuts, synth hits that make you screw your face as an expression of appreciation while you’re on the dancefloor feeling the low bassline pumping into your chest.

Track two titled Thandiwe is strictly for the heads. With a sublow bassline that is bound to shake things up partnered up with a melodic synth which gives the element of movement and dramatic strings that ties all the sounds together, supported heavily by the DM.Recordings boss D-Malice on his 2019 trip to South Africa, this is a must have for all DJs
Molly is for the 3am crew, for all those wanting to carry on the party, this track gives you just that energy needed, with the swinging beats and melody.

To close the EP, Buddynice have a roller a track that retains the rolling basslines, stabs, and cutting beats, making the listener want more.

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