Converse Launches Unity Laces

In celebration of Africa Day on the 25th of May, Converse SA has created limited-edition Unity Laces. Unity Laces symbolise unity amongst African countries and encourage all Africans to Stand United.

Converse has created a series of 10 different pairs of laces, made up of 2 African flags. One half is the South African flag, and the other half is another African country, namely: Nigeria; Zimbabwe; Congo; Malawi; Ethiopia; Lesotho; Swaziland(eSwatini); Zambia; Somalia or Ghana. When Converse sneakers are laced with Unity Laces, the 2 African flags become intertwined, symbolising unity between 2 African countries. 

Four Converse-loving influencers; DJ Doowap (Swaziland), DJ Venom (Zambia), Fhatuwani and Justice Mukheli (South Africa) are already sporting the new laces, which are only available at Converse Sandton City, free with your purchase of any Converse sneakers.

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