Representing to put Limpopo hip-hop on the map, Raymnd NoTypo returns with 36Swagga on their latest offering titled “Gym”, produced by 36Swagga himself, obliviously since he is a talented producer, director & photographer.

Raymond Modise better known by his moniker ‘Raymnd NoTypoʼ has left his mark on an array of musical projects that he has put together over recent years as well as on collaborations with multiple artists.

Raymnd Notypo has a distinctive and infectious flow that he gives off on most his songs that makes a person want to listen to what he is actually saying. This give you more reason to check out ‘Gym’ music video and find out what the track is actually about because you may like it.

The song is hot, so why not catch up now than never? Check it out above by pressing the play button.

Song Produced By: 36Swagga

Video Directed By: 36Swagga & NuShoesTV

Video Produced by: NuShoesTV & 36Swagga

Instagram: @Raymnd_Music @36Swagga

Twitter: @36Swagga @Raymnd_Music