‘Connected’ is a unique album, blending the musical taste and influences of Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller

Long-time friends and frequent collaborators, Kid Fonque (South Africa) and Jonny Miller (UK), have once again joined forces to drop their latest collaboration – a full-length album titled “Connected”.

Both artists, well-respected and accomplished in their own territories, have connected over music for almost a decade, blending their passion for the UK and SA underground electronic music scene and can attribute their genre-fusing sound to a mutual respect and bond over their musical backgrounds.

‘Connected’ is a unique album, blending the musical taste and influences of Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller, and taking their sonic style to fresh heights by producing an honest release of vibrations as ‘musically-connected’ beings.

Produced and completed in two different cities during lockdown in trying times, the producers take us through what they do best: connecting creatively and creating music with others to establish a vital culture through linking the gap between art and music from the UK and SA Underground scenes.

The intro track, written by South African singer/songwriter Sio, and performed by local hip hop artist, ASAP Shembe, titled ‘Connected Beings’, encapsulates the path and spirit of the album. It is a distinctive sound style, featuring some of the brightest talent in South Africa, such as singer and poet Toshi, award winning House vocalist
Khensy, drummer Fernando and production artist China Charmeleon.

From soulful house, to deep tech and broken beat in-between; Kid & Jonny use their influences to shape a fresh sonic soundscape.

Stream or download: africori.to/connected

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