Acoustiq Assassins Releases New Music Video For The Lovers With “Eduze” Feat. DOXBOY SA

Lovers are days away from celebrating their love on Valentines day, with the month of love in full effect, have a listen and also watch Acoustiq Assassins new music video titled “Eduze” featuring DOXBOY SA and on production is obliviously, Darknessreign SA.

The song is about staying commitment in a world where loyalty & commitment is becoming very hard. The title “Eduze” is referring to the chorus of the song where Acoustiq Assassins is saying stay next to me all the time, no matter what.

The music video is directed by Ninety5 Photography (Pty) Ltd. which sees a couple going through difficulties but still together after all they have being through.

With the month of love in full effect, Acoustiq Assassins sets the theme for the weekend dedicated to the lovers.

Are you a person under love? Well, press play above.

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