Establishing A Productive Routine Is Simpler with Spotify

Establishing an effective daily routine is one way to increase productivity, regain your power and give structure to your day (and life)! 

However, as the so-called ‘new normal’ of our current environment – working from home, home schooling, social distancing – continues to dominate, establishing a purposeful routine has become more challenging than expected for most.  It’s easy to lose track of time when all your daily activities are done from one space!  

To get the most out of your day whether it’s establishing a work structure, school or university study routine or simply your day-to-day activity, Spotify has a wide selection of playlists to help you get back into a productive routine and successfully navigate your day.

  • Get up and go: Start your day strong by waking up to your favourite tracks. Through Spotify and the Google Clock app, you can set your own unique alarms with your favourite music from Spotify’s over 60 million-tracks catalogue.
  • Owning the day: Once you’ve gotten your morning pick me up and are ready to take on the day, Spotify’s Focus genre offers a selection of playlists such as Productive Morning to get you into work mode, Workday Lounge to get keep you motivated throughout the day and Deadline Drums to help you push through the manic Mondays.
  • If you are a student, playlists such as Chill Lofi Study Beats are perfect for lengthy homework sessions. For those who prefer to study to an up-tempo beat, Focus Flow offers instrumental hip-hop tracks and for those pulling an all-nighter to get through pressing submission deadlines, there’s a playlist for just that – All Nighter offers electronic and trap beats to help you stay awake and focused. 
  • Power down: After a productive day of work or study, you can wind down for the evening with playlists (found under Spotify’s Relaxation genre tab) such as Peaceful PianoCalming Instrumental Covers or Stress Relief.
  • A good night’s sleep is one of the most essential elements to fuel a productive day ahead. To ease you into an all-important sleep routine try one of Spotify’s Deep Sleep, Fall Asleep and Sleep Tight playlists to aid relaxation and ward off insomnia.
  • To make things simpler for users, Spotify also has the At Home genre that features a playlist for every part of your day in categories such as Cooking & Dining, Workout, Work From Home and more.

To access all these playlists and more, simply go onto your Spotify account, click Browse (on the left side panel under Home) and there you’ll find a selection of Mood & Genre playlists. 

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