Jullian Gomes Releases ‘Ghettto’ ft FKA Mash

What’s the best way to release new house music and with whom? Jullian Gomes has already answered that question because on the 28 October 2020, Jullian Gomes released, a deep house song tagged Ghetto Ballet featuring FKA Mash. Taken from the upcoming album “Poisoned”.

With this great tune and partnership with FKA Mash, it gives us anticipation on what we can expect from the upcoming album “Poisoned” but we do need to keep in mind that in the album he can take it to a different direction than he did with this track.

As Jullian Gomes focuses on putting out projects with quality, we on the receiving end of it shall immerse in it. Just as we vibe to the single above.

Download / Stream: https://orcd.co/ghettoballet

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