SA based producer China Charmeleon latest gem – titled ‘My Fathers Records’

SA based producer China Charmeleon needs no introduction after the resounding success both locally and internationally of his hit debut album ‘Colours’ released earlier this year.

His latest gem – titled ‘My Fathers Records’ is the 2nd album signed to Independent House Record Label, Stay True Sounds. The album visits China’s distinct signature vibrations, his tracks built around soulful samples that the artist revealed were all inspired by the emotive sounds of his childhood and produced over lockdown as a dedication to his father.

“My father gave me the gift of truly believing in me, “most of my album’s tracklist illustrates the inspiration from songs he used to play me when growing up, while some others were motivated by a deeply personal event I had to work through, so I decided to share my story and healing through music”

says China

Feedback on EP

“Some really really nice touches here! As to be expected from China Charrmeleon. Super album, Love it.”


“Emotional Tracks…BEAUTIFUL”

Vinny Da Vinci

“Lots of talent on display here. Great selection.”




“Great album”

Laurent Garnier

“Really well crafted music with a lovely warm sound going on”

Fish Go Deep

“Love this whole release”

Mr V

“Out of this world!”


“A strong, strong release! Tonnes of goodness in here.”

Dom Servini

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