Global sports company PUMA blends two legacies with the launch of the Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat collection, resembling PUMA Motorsport´s Speedcat roots and the heritage of the colours of Scuderia Ferrari´s Rosso Corsa.

The eye-catching red hue has been Scuderia Ferrari’s signature characteristic since the beginning of their legacy in 1929. While competitors amended their livery colour according to e.g. sponsors, the Italian race team has stuck to its brand colour. PUMA has worked with Scuderia Ferrari since 2004 as the official team supplier and is paying homage to the partnership with the team by re-releasing the signature Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat in Rosso Corsa.

Pure race attitude without compromising a classic look translates the PUMA x Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat into the perfect footwear to drive in style. The shoe, which comes in Rosso Corsa and PUMA Black, has a low profile rubber outsole for a better grip on the pedals and a premium suede upper. Adding more Italian race flair to the shoe, the logo of the most successful Formula One team in the history of Motorsport is placed on the heel. Watch out for the legacy of style and speed. The PUMA x Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat is available online at as well as in PUMA stores, The Cross Trainer and selected retailers for R1999.